Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Logos Hope Adventure" (e-mail update) February 28, 2010

Dear Friends,

Here's an update from the cement factory berth in Kingston, Jamaica! Apart from the factory and surrounding dust being quite grey, life is colorful!

KNOWLEDGE - For the first time we had a line of people waiting to come onboard to buy books before we even opened ON THE FIRST DAY!!! However, since then it has slowed down some. In what is supposed to be one of our busiest ports, PRAY that even more people would come to buy books. Right now I am sitting watching the security cameras and it looks like it's picking up some - the bookfair is full of people!

HELP - We have a help team going out every day for two weeks to install toilets, run pipes and lay cement for a communal running water/washing area in a poor community. PRAY for the team that they would be encouraged and strengthened as almost every day someone has gotten sick or hurt or supplies don't arrive, and this can be quite discouraging. I might get to go either Monday or Tuesday - I hope so!

"The politicians pay the gang leaders money to get votes. The gang leaders make the people vote. If you don't vote for that person, you dead. If you try to move out of the area to have a better life, you dead. Simple as that. This is the kind of corruption in this part of Jamaica. Not even the police can stand up to the gangsters, and they are often in on the gangsters' bribes too. It is a continual cycle of oppression that the people can not get out of because they'd lose that many votes if they moved away." That was what we were told about the area we were going into.

Children grow up in these communities, physically and sexually abused by the one parent they might have. They know first hand the pangs of hunger and what it's like to be unloved. Not all children in Jamaica of course, but all the ones who came to the kid's club last Saturday. The ones who's first instinct is to lash out and hit someone, even their friends - because that's what they know from home. These children are rough, and do not have an easy life. And how old are they? They are 2, 3, 4, 5 and six. The world is not kind to them, but every Saturday afternoon they can come and for two hours leave the troubles of life behind and just be kids... and learn about Jesus. And then at the end, reluctant to leave, they must nearly be pushed out the door. With a coloring 'Book of Hope' under their arm and a snack in their hand, they are let out. Alone, uncared for, and at the mercy of every driver, the three year old meanders out into the dusty street to wander back to... wherever she came from. PRAY for the children of Jamaica! Pray that they would have been impacted by the special program done by our Logos Hope team.

Many great milestones were passed this month; my one year on board and also Logos Hope's one year anniversary of ministry sailing! I have taken on a new role at work as Risk Assessment Representative for Deck Department. It is a big responsibility and slightly overwhelming as we are laying some ground work, but I am excited for the challenge!


- for a team from OM that is able to share at my sending church tomorrow!

- for safety in this dangerous port and country

- for great friends!

Remember to pray for Chile at this time. We are fine.

Thinking of you,